Clergy Chicks is a network of women in ministry.
We are interfaith, interracial, and intersectional.


Our Mission

Formed as a Facebook group, we're branching out by holding our first retreat in order to: 1) offer rest and respite from the busyness of ministry, and 2) build our network of women in ministry for friendship, encouragement, and mutual support.

Our logo

The seed of life logo is a sacred symbol seven interlocking circles, representing our unity in diversity. Seven is a powerful number in religion and the natural world: seven days of creation, seven colors of the rainbow, seven days of the week, seven notes on a musical scale. This is a symbol of creation, wholeness, diversity, fertility, regeneration, strength, and balance—a perfect symbol for Clergy Chicks! 

Our Organization

We are not formally organized, (does that mean we're disorganized?) neither for-profit or non-profit. Finances are being managed by Chapel by the Sea, host church for the retreat.

Clergy Chicks Logo Horizontal Small.png

Empowered women
empower women.
— Unknown